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The main objective of the museum is the formation of the museum's collection and research tools. Working with the fund collection - is the creation of optimal methods for the selection, storage, research, use of museum objects and promotion items of museum collections.

Work with the Fund consists of several stages:

1. Acquisition of museum collections according to the concept of the museum - the selection of the most professional products (with the selection of exhibitions and artists' studios, purchasing and receiving of gifts from the artist);
2. Accounting museum objects - the consolidation of the selected object of a certain legal status, a scientific and records.
3. Storage of museum collections - measures intended to protect the museum collection (creating storage conditions: temperature and humidity, proper hour security system, fire protection, monitoring of objects, their restoration and conservation of necessity, etc.);
4. Research work - research tools, research, create catalogs of museum collections, the transmission of information about them in the State Catalogue of the Museum Fund of Belarus.

The object and purpose of the Exhibition Department:

  1. Research, reflection and propaganda of contemporary art development intellegent, moral, cultural, and creativity of citizens of the Republic of Belarus, education in the national consciousness and belonging to the national human culture;
  2. Objective information to the public about the state of contemporary art in this country and abroad;
  3. Design and create museum displays exhibits;
  4. Dissemination of new knowledge about art through the creation of exhibits and exhibitions, events;
  5. Keeping exchange of exhibitions with local and foreign museums, exhibitions in other towns Republic  and beyond.

The object and purpose of the scientific department of the exposition:

1. Participate in the development of scientific concepts, scenarios, case structures, artistic design exhibitions;
2. Conduct scientific research on the formation of collections and cataloging of the museum, the scientific concept of development of the museum;
3. Conduct scientific and educational work: lecturing, conducting tours; participate in conferences, workshops, make presentations and reports as a museum and beyond;
4. Prepare scientific and methodological developments to exhibitions;
5. Examine the scientific and methodological literature on the history and theory of Belarusian and foreign art.